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You will now be able to send messages to your teammembers and those around you.

Do you know there username? Great! Now you'll be able to add text along with images to send to your downline and or upline. Much more easier to communicate with your teams instantly.

Thank you for being part of our growing community. Enjoy! 


We’re happy to announce that we have implemented another alternative payment method.

You can now purchase your subscription with your Credit Card.

The payments are processed by Easy Pay Direct – a leading provider of payment gateway services.


Now you can purchase your 25 Dollar Legacy membership subscription in 3 ways:

– Credit Card, all major credit cards accepted (Visa, Master Card)

 – Payza, a leading online payment method

– & Bitcoin


How to pay for your 25DL subscription using your Credit Card




Great news everyone!!! 25DollarLegacy is now accepting bitcoin for payment!!

We can now accept bitcoin for your monthly payment into the 25DL.

1) Head over to payment page
2) Select Product
3) Select Bitcoin
4) Make Payment to the bitcoin address on file

Thank you


Start redirecting your leads to the site of your choice...

This amazing tool will ease the process of sending more than one link to a lead.
Start redirecting your leads & future customers to your product page...

This will now available for all existing active paid members...

Thank you


Attention 25 Dollar Legacy Teams - We've updated your back office. We have 2 New updates that will help stimulate growth within your memberships. Here's a short video explanation. Please pass this to your teams. Thank you:


Good Morning Team Legacy,

We've added a monthly subscription payment method. You can now opt in to make your monthly subscriptions automatically taken out of your payment method you prefer.

There is also the option to do it manually... Again this was just added so you have the option.

Thank you.



Good afternoon Team Legacy,

The Company debit cards are now available for odering...

Head on over to your back office and click on the (25DL United States) or (25DL International Links) to order your company card.

Thank you.


We will be adding a professional video on the "25DollarLegacy" front page explaining our program and system in the next week or so. Please be patient as we update our system to better guide our new members. We will also be adding our facebook group symbol inside of that page as well. That way you can simply click on it and request to be added to our FB group.

You can acces the VIDEO & FB LOGO page by logging out or before logging in.

You'll see these updates in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you

25DL Admin



Welcome to the 25 Dollar Legacy Program!!

We're very excited to have you here with us.

We have an Array of 3 fabulous tools you'll have access to to start building your businesses/blogs/websites.

We ask that you make your subscription payments on time or you will be removed from your position and no longer in position.


We have given all of our upgraded affiliates the choice to upgrade into position once you've earned enough commissions to do so.
You do not have to move into the next level if you do not wish to. But you may miss commissions from your teams sales if they move into the upgraded levels before you.

We will not penalize those who decide to move into the next levels because their sponsor decided not to go forward.

You need to log into your back office daily so you can manage your business accordingly. Once you have upgraded from earnings to all three structures you do not need to keep upgrading. You will just need to pay that subscription every month "ON-TIME".

If you decide not to move forward and would like to stay in the 1st structure you can do so. You will only be making $195 from that filled structure. You can still make unlimited referral bonuses.

We want everyone to create a retirement income with our program. We are a community of people creating wealth amongst our members. Using the tools necessary to build your businesses.

You will be responsible for paying your own taxes once you have accrued $600+ Dollars. We will have a page specifically for those members. There will be a 1099 download form you will need to fill out. When tax season comes you will need to file your earnings.

There will be an education area for those who would like to learn more about the IRS and 1099 forms.

We appreciate you all for being here. Let's get you started!!