A) The cost of the subscription for membership to acces the first level tool which is our social auto scheduler 

is $25 monthly.  This $25 is to be set up to be paid by You every month and NOT from your wallet.  The $25 monthly payment

can be set on an auto payment through the 25 DL system, to be taken from your Credit Card, Payza, Paypal account. 

A) Once you get 2 personal referral sales to purchase our 25DL membership platform.  You will receive $10 for the referral                            and $5 for them falling in your first matrix.  $15 x 2 referrals,  now you are earning $30 Monthly.  Your membership is only $25                  monthly so you are in profit with just 2 referrals as long as they continue to pay their membership each month.   

Over $33,000+ monthly.

A) Yes, if you're building with a great group of determined people anything is possible.

A) You will have a replicated site with banners, funnel pages and more.

A) No, this is a follow your inviter program.

A) Yes, if your sponsor decides not to move forward you will be able to pass them and be placed in the next available position under someone who has taken action. Your sponsor will then miss out on that commission.

A) Yes, as long as we are in business and you're in profit we will be paying you your earnings.

A) No, you don't.

Level 1 must be paid by YOU, either manually each month or YOU can set THE MONTHLY PAYMENT  up on a subscription each month to be automatically deducted from your credit card, Payza or Bitcoin account.

Level 2 can be set through the 25 Dollar Legacy system to be taken out of YOUR available balance or profits. 

A) The 25 Dollar Legacy pays out biweekly!!

(Example: If you asked for a withdrawal on 4/15/16 Then you will receive the funds 14 days Later on 4/28/16..

If you've chosen to pay by Credit Card or Debit Card you'll be paid by ordering our company DPX debit card.

That will also be a weekly payout.

A) You can create up to (5 Five) separate accounts total. If we find more accounts used, we can temporarily suspend your accounts or remove you and all accounts from our program.

All accounts should have a different e-wallet and email data created.

A) Your Payza Account Id.

Which is your email address that you use on your Payza Account.

A) You have to click on the "Forgot Your Password?" link, located on the Login page...then enter your email address that you signed up with. Your login info will be sent shortly after that.

A) YES, almost EVERYONE is eligible to join 25 dollar legacy...

A) Yes, you will pass your sponsor and enter in the next matrix ahead of them. The downline following you will be lost to your sponsor.  

Team members should alway be in communication with their upline and downline to keep this from occurring.

A) Absolutely NO REFUNDS! Due to the nature that we payout 100% referral commission to our members from the $25 membership cost NO REFUNDS  By you signing up with our program, you agree that there are no refunds. No excuses, no exceptions. 

A) When you registered with 25DL your sponsor's name and ID# are in clear view at the top of the registration page. If you do sign under the wrong sponsor, please send in a support ticket to alert us of the matter. The issue can usually be resolved within 24 to 48 hours.

A: You can request a withdrawal whenever your account balance is at least $10. All withdrawal requests are paid out within 14 days of the request to your Payza or DPX Debit Card account.

A) You can start earning money almost immediately! Just register! purchase your $25 membership. Now you account is activated, then, simply promote your referral link using the marketing tools provided in the member's area. Now you are in a position to start earning with 25Dollar Legacy Rapid Retirement Income Plan.

A) Please READ the Terms and Conditions Page, on the registration form for more information. If you still have a question that can not be answered by your sponsor, you may click on the "SUPPORT" TAB at the TOP of this page, we will reply back to you within one business day.

A) That position will be compressed out ( removed ) from the system. THEY have 30 days to pay, on the 31st day, they will be removed. There is NO ACCESS to funds once the account is closed and deleted from our system.

A) YES Everyone must fill out a  W-4 form that makes over $600 with us and you will receive a 1099